Widespan Rivet Racking

4 storage levels per bay 450kg per storage level

Starting from £ 183.85 +VAT

Our best selling widespan racking system

Detailed Specification

Our best selling Rivet Racking widespan racking system, which offers incredible value for money, whilst offering incredible strength and rigidity. 

The Rivet Racking system is yet simple to build with all parts being tapped together by a rubber mallet.

The rack and shelves are joined via the heavy duty rivet and keyhole slot which offers a simple and effective way to assemble the racking.

All bays of racking come with 4 levels, which have a central deck support on bays 1830 wide, while 2440mm wide bays have two per level, providing the secret strength to all our RIVET RACKING bays. 

Delivery 5 working days from order

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Code Description
RRB-18-18-04-4 1830mm H 1830mm W 457mm D £ 183.85
RRB-18-18-06-4 1830mm H 1830mm W 610mm D £ 205.40
RRB-18-18-07-4 1830mm H 1830mm W 762mm D £ 226.60
RRB-18-18-09-4 1830mm H 1830mm W 915mm D £ 255.95
RRB-18-21-04-4 1830mm H 2135mm W 457mm D £ 214.65
RRB-18-21-06-4 1830mm H 2135mm W 610mm D £ 232.40
RRB-18-21-07-4 1830mm H 2135mm W 762mm D £ 256.65
RRB-18-21-09-4 1830mm H 2135mm W 915mm D £ 288.75
RRB-18-24-04-4 1830mm H 2440mm W 457mm D £ 237.45
RRB-18-24-06-4 1830mm H 2440mm W 610mm D £ 264.30
RRB-18-24-09-4 1830mm H 2440mm W 915mm D £ 331.30
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